I’ve never understood why we are not taught money management or financial education at school. I believe it would make things a lot easier for the next generation if we were taught these basic skills that are needed in life. Personally I believe it’s a way to control the masses as if we were to all have financial education some of the more unskilled labourers job roles would probably not be filled.

I learnt about financial education through reading a few books that were recommended to me by one of my dates at London escorts. This particular date was a Property Invester and he and I got talking and I took a real interest into what he was saying about financial education and how I can take control of my own finances. He recommended a few books which I started reading and found really interesting. Since then all I’ve been talking about London escort is financial education and recommended to many of the ladies here at London escort to read the books that I have read so they too can have greater knowledge of financial education.

One thing that I thought which was quite important was about having savings but making those savings work for you. The date with the Property Invester at London escorts was a real insight to how we can make money work for us rather than us working for money. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the concept that because I enjoy being a London escort I don’t want to quit work altogether I just want to have a contingency plan for when I do retire from London escorts at London X City Escorts.

In one of the books explained that you should always pay yourself a certain percentage of your wage before paying any of your bills or paying for any luxuries. If you treat paying yourself like paying a bill as a necessity then you are quickly build up a pot of money which can be used for investments. Some of the girls at London escort have already invested in certain things like stocks or property or shares. I kind of like the idea of investing in property as it something tangible if I’m honest nothing makes me happier than those home magazines with all of the lovely pictures of stylish rooms so I’m quite interested in property. A couple of the girls from London escort tonight I have decided to create a part where we would pay ourselves a certain percentage of our wages put it into this part and use it to invest in a property that would give us all a share of passive income. We are looking to raise a deposit of about 45,000 and then about 20,000 for any refurbishment and decoration works that needs to be done to the property. I have to admit I am particularly happy as the girls in London escort and more interested in the cash flow then the redecoration of the property which means I have for creative control on what our investment will look like. I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to get started.